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Having helped over 300 women. Pretty Mogul is determined to help women gain financial freedom, live a ideal lifestyle all while embracing self-love. Women join pretty mogul for our elite online support community, innovative skin care and permanent makeup products, empowered clothing line, simple step by step programs, live virtual and in person coaching

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About Maddy

Hey y’all! I’m so happy your here! My name is Maddy Jean and I’m your perfectionistic (is that even a word?! Lol) permanent makeup artist and skin expert! I have been in the beauty industry since 2011! I love anything and everything beauty. I transitioned into specializing into permanent makeup because it actually changed MY life when I was younger. I have been through the process myself so I know exactly how you feel not having natural brows! I have been certified by some of the top schools for aesthetics and trained with world renowned artists, I continue to learn every single year to perfect my work and knowledge. Check out my achievements, certificates and licensing in the tab. My #1 goal is to have you feeling and looking better than ever! Thank you for stopping in can’t wait to see you!


-- Maddy Jean

About Takia

Hi, My name is Takia. I’m super excited that you’ve decided to allow me to be your “Skin Therapist”. I’m a licensed Esthetician with certifications in advanced skin care and Lash Artist. I’ve always had a passion for Beauty and Skin Care. As a young teen I was fascinated with any thing pertaining to skin care and beauty, but like many my fascination and passion would fall to the waist side to pursue a career in corporate America. After working a very long, stressful and exhausting career in retail management, one day I decide to leave corporate America and pursue my life long passion! It’s been of the best decisions I’ve ever made with no regrets! During my studies in school. I learned that our skin is the largest barrier against infection that we have and I’m here to help you repair, maintain and give you all the essentials needed for your journey to BEAUTIFUL & HEALTHY skin! I can’t wait to meet you!