Lush Line Professional Permanent Makeup Machine

Sale price$299.00
We are the only Official seller of this machine - Authentic Pieces and perfectly crafted

The Dejean Team has been on a mission to put together THE BEST permanent makeup machine for fast results and easy application.

This machine is perfect for all applications as it is not to soft of a stroke or not to hard. It has the perfect medium stroke for shading and line work. It even creates perfect pixelation for strokes and shading techniques.

The slower you put the machine at the more pixels that will appear.

This machine uses its own needles which are membrane for safety

*Usual setting for hair strokes speed - 6 or 7

Eyeliner - 5 or 6

Lips - 6

Digital wireless

Only wire is connected to the power supply but not the wall For perfect mobility

6 hours of battery life before charging is necessary

2.8 stroke

Specific needles required with membrane technology

Perfect for eyeliner, pixelation, lip blush, nano strokes, and ombre powder looks.

Leader in Permanent Makeup & Skincare

Here at DeJean Beauty we believe that every human deserves to feel confident, beautiful and powerful. We strive to provide the highest quality of product and services. A Dejean Beauty walks into a room the most radiant. Their glow let’s you know they’re a star. 


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